We took a lovely couple of hours break down to the seaside this week, I was very aware that this could be the last time this year we get to enjoy the beach as I know this sunshine isn't going to stick around for much longer, which makes me sad..

Made the most of it by having ice cream and taking the Leica M out for a bit of street photography.

Shot on the Sony A7RII and the Sigma 35mm Art

Just a quick shot trying out my new Nikon 58mm lens, hopefully lots more to follow with this little gem!

Took a few photos today, it's been raining and pretty much freezing cold, which has left us confined to the mothership!

Taken with a Leica M9 + Voigtlander 28mm and a Nikon DF + Sigma 35mm ART lens respectively.

leica m9 portrait
Nikon DF Sigma 35mm ART lens


Recently I was lucky enough to pay a visit to Lake Como in Italy along with a couple of my fellow wedding photographer friends. This place stole my heart from the moment I arrived. Shooting a busy wedding season can be exhausting, so getting away and taking time out for a few days to somewhere this beautiful was a real tonic, these are just a few of my personal images taken whilst I was there. All shot on a Leica M9.

Wes Anderson

I love his films, this is no secret! So what do you do with a bunch of retro clothes and a record player? 

Try and emulate the great man himself obviously!

Taken with a Nikon D800e and the fantastic Sigma 24mm ART lens


Just a few test shots trying out this new and amazing bit of kit from Sigma, more to follow once I've  had a chance to step away from the computer!

sigma 24mm art lens

Updated- I just can't get enough of this lens, it may now be my favourite next to the 35mm. I'm looking forward to trying it out during wedding season as it will be great for small spaces and crazy dance floor shots.

sigma 24mm art lens.jpg
sigma 24mm art lens


My good friends at Sigma very kindly loaned me a Sigma SD1 Merrill and a 18-35mm Art lens to take with me on my recent trip to Iceland, it's a truly astonishing piece of equipment and I'm kind of in love with it so although I am a primarily wedding and portrait photographer, I quickly realised that Iceland is a country full of the most amazing quirky little houses, so I decided that I wanted to photograph as many as I could in the short amount of time that we were there.

The detail that the Foveon sensor produces is nothing short of amazing and Iceland is like a giant softbox, reflecting light everywhere so conditions were perfect to test it out.

I really can't say what caught my attention about these buildings, maybe it's the fact that they seem to fair so well in such extreme weather conditions and that also they all have their own little personalities, it's so refreshing to see buildings that are so simple but efficiently built, whilst still retaining character and charm.

The Sigma 18-35mm Art lens was perfect for my needs and did't skip a beat, in fact, considering the sometimes harrowing weather conditions they both performed fantastically. 

I'm hoping to return to Iceland in the summer time (maybe to shoot a wedding if i'm lucky enough!) and will definitely add to this series.

I feel like I've barely captured what Iceland has to offer, it's a visual feast for the eyes and soul.

All images were taken using the Sigma SD1 Merrill and the Sigma 18-35 Art lens and edited with VSCO film.

Also, I made a cool little book from my trip with a new app called "Steller", I plan to be using this more often from now on as it's a really nice way to view photos!