So the conversation with my fellow awesome photographer Mr Steve Bridgwood went something like this

Steve: "Hey Abi, do you wanna come shoot a wedding in Venice with me?"

Me" Errrrrrr, let's go!"

And so we did, I've already posted a little blog about my canine friends in Venice and how I totally fell in love with this amazing floating little paradise but this is why I came to be there in the first place. As a sidekick to Steve and to capture this wedding in what is is supposedly the most romantic place on earth. 

It rained, oh god did it rain, all day rain, ALL day bloody rain but we didn't stop, we didn't panic, we were in Venice and we were going to overcome. And we did, we turned up two fingers to the weather and shot the shit out of it.

There were boats and umbrellas and epic sunsets and arsehole cruise liners that ruin the epic sunset by deciding to park right in front of our epic view! There was dancing and plate smashing and money, lots of money, tears, laughter and food, tons and tons of food.

Everything that makes a wedding completely unique and amazing.

Here are a few ( loads) of my favourite shots from the day.

Enjoy xxx




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