Suzie and Oli got married in a beautiful little village nestled in the heart of Somerset, with the Mendips providing a spectacular backdrop for the wedding day. It was a really homespun wedding with the whole shindig being hosted by Suzie's parents in her childhood home with a beautiful marquee in the grounds and some extra special last minute landscaping ( including a bench from Lords) by the mother of the bride to make it properly perfect.

And it was a gorgeous day for it as well, the sun literally shone all day long and despite being chased out of a field by a herd of cowes, we managed to borrow a neighbours garden for some beautiful bride and groom wedding photos.

Special mention must go to ollie for his ingenious child sized ping pong table, but most of all to both of them for their choice of first dance song made perfect by their well practiced dance routine.

Literally one of my most favouritist ( is that a word? Well it should be.) songs ever.

You can listen to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG0-cncMpt8