When you turn up to photograph a wedding and see a gold statue of a pug, a Vivienne Westwood wedding dress, the bride wearing a Batman onesie and mini bright blue Dr Martens bridesmaids boots then you just know you are in for a treat.

And turn up I did, on a rather nice December morning at the Covent Garden Hotel in the heart of the west end of London to meet Caitlin and her buddies all getting ready for the first day of two epic wedding parties.

Everyone was super chilled out as soon as everyone was glammed up to the max we hailed some cabs and shooted over to The Mayfair library to do the official bit, I kind of love it when you meet a registrar for the first time and they say "The first rule is there are no rules" It hardly ever happens but if you're looking for somewhere to tie the know then this place has a massive thumbs up from me!

Then after impressing all the park people with some posing we got another cab and headed over to the The Marylebone Hotel and into their 108 brasserie which is super snug and beautifully decorated, totally matching Caitlin's amazing King & Queen themed decor (which was utterly brilliant and so meticulously planned). I got to indulge in a High tea and hangout with all the guests who were hilarious and so so welcoming.

We said goodbye after that knowing the after party was just a few days later when we all met up again at  Bloomsbury Bowling for some pure wedding fun! Honestly this wedding was a credit to Caitlin and Mike who pretty much did everything themselves and organised it on a par with most wedding planners, no details were missed and everything looked bloody amazing.

There were some major karaoke skillz going on as well!

I'm not sure how else to describe the awesomeness of this one so just have a look at the photos and enjoy!