Kim and Ryan came all the way from California to the UK to get married and brought all their friends and family with them, when I heard this I knew it would be a pretty amazing wedding. Friends that are willing to travel thousands of miles to see you marry the person you love must be  really special people, and it's always those friendships and the love that is shared that make the wedding what it is.

And OMG, do those californians know how to throw a party, BEST DANCEFLOOR GAME EVER goes to Kim and her bridal party who without a doubt know how to get down!! 

(They are also responsible for the hip-hop revival that I am currently experiencing whilst I edit!)

Much love to all of them for making me feel so welcome, getting me onto the dance floor and letting me stick my camera right in their faces!! 

Enjoy! XXX

Oh oh oh.... and that DRESS!! (swoon)