Ohhhhhhhh this is a long post!! Put the kettle on and get comfy!! 

I really tried to narrow it down to my favourite images but it was such a  hard task.

Matt and Marion and all their family and friends were so welcoming and friendly that it wasn't really that difficult to find a good shot everywhere we looked. Plus we had the added bonus of The Lake District and all those amazing landscapes to help us out and the fantastic venue of Derwentwater Independent Hostel.

And there was also "The Dress" and what a dress that was, I've never seen a more beautiful coloured dress in all my days and it was completely Marian, it was made especially for her by The Seam in Sheffield, if you are looking for something completely amazing and bespoke then visit here now,, just do it. Jemma is like a master in the dark arts of dressmaking or something. Simply gorgeous.

This was such a relaxed wedding, full of laughter, fruit darts, trampolines and most importantly love, so much love was at this wedding that it was impossible not to walk around with a stupid grin on my face all day long.

Thanks for having us you two and thank you to all your friends and family, I shall remember this one for a very long time!


Enjoy xxxx