Is it summer yet? On evenings like this it definitely feels like it has finally arrived.

I met Catherine and Simon (and Barley the schnauzer!) at around 7pm and this is my absolute favourite time to photograph anything at all, and from the light in these photos it should show why. Golden hour is without a doubt the most flattering and beautiful light available, and at this time of year when the sun is setting later and later into the evening it gave us the perfect amount of time for a pre-wedding shoot in this pretty location located on the Bembridge coastline of the Isle of Wight.

I happened to point out a gorgeous field for photos but unfortunately it was cut off by a rather high barbed wire fence, ten seconds later they were vaulting over it!! That was the point that I realised they were a pretty awesome couple, especially since they had just got back from their hen and stag weekends away and were feeling slightly fragile!!

I'm looking forward to the upcoming wedding at Bembridge Yacht Haven in June, it's going to be an amazing day!